Karna – helm

«Though such is the case, the man who masters these through his buddhi like a boatman regarding the boat immersed in the mire, or the elephant-driver regarding the elephant (under his control), and has known that all else beside Self is illusory and destructible and become indifferent, should ever utter: ‘I am Brahman alone.» (Narada parivrajaka Upanishad, 6-1-2).

It is interesting to know that the word karna means both “helm” and “ears”. It almost seems that in order to steer our boat well it is necessary to listen well!

How long can you resist attacks, Scorpio, without necessarily stinging for revenge? Sometimes certain upheavals as well as certain criticisms are necessary tests to understand if what you have embarked on is actually the right path for you. If so, then the only thing to do is to hold the helm: with the right discipline not only can you overcome all obstacles, but you can also thrive on those same obstacles. Be on guard then and above all listen!


Nava-āsana, boat pose

It seems to me the most obvious position to remember to hold the helm. On the other hand, you strengthen your abdominals, the center of strength and will of the body. Repeat it as many times as possible this month.

Awareness exercise

Whenever you receive criticism, observe your emotional reaction and how it manifests in your body. Do nothing, just observe. Listen to your feelings.

Mantra of the month