Avasthita- steady  

«In the midst of two, three, five or hundred villages he shall appoint an administrator of state supplied with a picket of guards» ((Manusmriti, 7.114).

The term avasthita means “to abide”, “to remain fixed”, “to last”, but also “ready”, “attentive”, “immobile” and “well organized”. In the commentary on the above verse it is said that avasthita indicates that the place is “supervised by honest officers”.

The month begins with a lot of movement, the same that will mark your next years. Those years will bring important changes and, sooner or later, the fruits of the work you have done in 2020. Everything you have built in the year that has just ended, needs to be consolidated now. You have taken a direction and now you need the discipline to keep it, you have to “supervise it honestly.” Whoever gets off to a good start is half the battle and with Mars in the sign and a positive Venus, you will be able to use your energies to weave the relationships you need, thus leaving a good impression on the people who count for your journey.


Vakra vrisha-āsana, taurus pose, twist variation

It’s your position: it’s steadfast, steady and alert, the right position to plan, but with the twist it also allows you to look around and figure out how to interact with others for your planning.

Awareness exercise

In moments of physical and mental confusion, stop, breathe deeply and think that as soon as you can you will take the time to restore order and plan in a more organized way.

Mantra of the month 

« Consolidate».