Bhāksha – gluttonous

«And if (his Soma) were to meet with any mishap whilst being consumed, let him perform an oblation with, ‘To Bhaksha hail!’ for Bhaksha (drink) he then is: he repels evil, and the sacrifice inclines to him» (Satapatha Brahmana XII.6.1.32).

Bhaksha is a way of saying “eat” or sometimes “drink”. However, when the a is lengthened (ā) it implies being gluttonous, enjoying eating or drinking.

All the commitment that was asked of you in 2020 can now be relaxed and what remains of it is a positive start, full of purposes and supported by the ease with which you relate to others. It is possible that at this juncture you find yourself giving in to the vices of the palate, and so be it! Forget about diets and ideals at least for the holidays. Enjoy being bhāksha and so, at least for the moment, repel the evil and feel peace of mind!


Surya bhedana-prānāyāma, sun perforation

A little trick to avoid getting caught by tamas, by the indolence that comes when you eat too much or idle too much. Practice at least 3 cycles every day!.      

Awareness exercise

There is a time for everything. Taking rest does not mean letting go of everything, use this time to organize yourself: every day you sit for ten minutes in a meditative position and think about what you would like to accomplish in this 2021. Observe these desires of yours with detachment or objectivity. 

Mantra of the month

«To Bhaksha!».