Purna – full 

«In the Kali-yuga the Lord’s holy name is easy to attain. Still, the full result of the holy name does not come to they who commit offenses» (Sanatkumara Samhita, 17).

Purna is a word often found in ancient texts and famous mantras. In general, it means full, complete, finished, lacking in nothing and therefore in a certain sense happy, satisfied and also abundant. The fullness which is meant here is therefore a positive fullness.

Happy birthday, Aquarius! It is such a busy month that you risk breaking out! Sometimes you lose your center even when the positive is too much, so you may risk getting angry even when everything is fine. And as the verse above says, if on the one hand it is easy in the Kali-yuga, that is, in our age, to obtain communion with the Absolute (the Lord is more inclined to help precisely because the age is more difficult), on the other hand you cannot have fullness if you give in to negativity. So don’t be angry if something reopens old wounds, look absolutely ahead, because the year that has just begun is your year!


Maha prana-mudrā, position of the great energy gesture

Fuel up for the month with this position.

Awareness exercise

Whenever you get nervous or angry, stop for a moment, take a deep breath and think about how this negative feeling pollutes all the positive you are experiencing. You can change direction in your mind, you decide!

Mantra of the month

«Om pūrnamadah …»

(It is one of the shanti mantras with the most occurrences of the word purna. Listen to it and read the meaning here).