Asmitā – I-am-ness

«I-am-ness is when the two powers of seer and seen [appear] as a single self» (Yoga-sūtra, 2.6).

Asmitā is a function that allows you to identify yourself with the roles you have in your life. It is important, because it allows you to stand out, gives you a sense of individuality, a useful tool for carrying out the functions of society. For example, if the roles were confused, the student would take the teacher’s place and no one would learn anything anymore. Yet asmitā from the spiritual point of view is considered a klesha, something that characterizes human misery and therefore generates suffering. The reason is that we identify too much with our roles so much that we lose awareness of our spiritual nature.

However, let’s take it practically. Now that the worst has passed, in this moment of respite after the storm of the last year, perhaps the last few years, a question remains for you Aries: Who are you? What or who do you want to be Aries? The experiences of recent times have taught you a lot and perhaps you have a clearer idea of ​​what you want for your life. Perhaps you have also learned what your limitations and weaknesses are. Are you able to build a more solid you on the basis of these teachings?


Nataraja-āsana, Shiva dance posture, variant

Shiva knows well how to play in the world: which dance do you want to play?

Awareness exercise

Think of the role-playing games of children: they identify themselves with great seriousness in being, for example, a doctor or a mother, and firmly decide what role they want to play, except to go back to considering themselves all children, all the same as soon as the game is over. Are you able to do these two operations? Reflect on this at all times.

Mantra of the month

«My role and my true being».