Puraścaraṇa – preparation

«On hearing the instructions of the preceptor, the aspirant disciple shall practise the Mantra before utilising it. This practice of the Mūlamantra is called Puraścaraṇa since it has to be practised before the rite Viniyoga» (Shiva-purana, 19.8-9).

Purashcarana is the exercise of repeating the mantra. The ultimate goal is to attain mantra-siddhi, or perfection in the mantra. It is a tantric practice that involves the repetition of a precise number of mantras (even in the order of thousands) within a certain period of time. Based on the practice, behaviour and rules regarding food, time and place are also determined. The purashcarana, however, is only a preparatory work, before the pūjā, the actual ritual, can begin.

A good Moon on Valentine’s Day anticipates the favorable climate that you will feel, Cancer, from the end of the month when the Sun and later Venus will form a beautiful trine that will bring you positivity and love. In the meantime, you can prepare for meetings by taking better care of yourself, stimulating your creativity and cultivating your spiritual side. 


Yogamudrā-āsana, yoga seal pose, variation

I rarely propose the same position for two consecutive months. This is the case.

Embrace all of yourself in this position that works on the Heart Master and on the Triple Heater, the vital functions that ensure physical and psychic warmth.

Awareness exercise

What is your biggest wish right now? If it’s not that clear, sit in a meditative posture and bring it to light. Then, when awareness has arrived, think about the characteristics you need for that condition and think about what can be a good preparation for developing them.

Mantra of the month

«Hari Om»

Since I took the example of the purashcarana, here is one of the mantras par excellence, Hari is Vishnu, literally “the one who takes away (suffering)”.