Pratipad – to restore 

«The Pratipad (the first d.ay of the lunar fortnight) is conducive to the acquisition of wealth (if Śrāddha is performed on that day. Whatever is acquired by him does not perish» (Brahmanda Purana, 3.17.10).

In Vedic astronomy, the Pratipad is the first day of the lunar fortnight. According to tradition, certain practices are prohibited, but others are recommended, such as the Shrāddha, the ceremony in honor of the dead.

The Pratipad is considered a new beginning, when you go from the new moon to the full moon and vice versa. The word in and of itself has different meanings: to recover, approach, reach, restore, allow, take place, earn or regain, recover, admit, recognize, consider, become aware, intelligence and even just beginning.

Maybe Capricorn you are still there licking your wounds after a year, or maybe years, so difficult. Well, take your time, this month there will be nothing to stop you. Consider this time as a change of moon, a moment in which you leave, in which you can recharge, recover. Don’t force yourself to make great sacrifices now, pay homage rather to the sacrifices you’ve made in recent years. Now that the big responsibilities have settled, you have to build your life on a new, healthier, more positive foundation. Get in shape! 


Kakini-āsana,  female crow pose

 The crow is Shani’s vehicle, Saturn. Rest in this position, oxygenate your brain and mind, and let the crow take away the weight of Saturn, which has weighed on you for the past three years.

Awareness exercise

Visualise everything you think would make you healthy, fit and peaceful. Take five minutes each day in a sitting position for this exercise.

Mantra of the month

«Shani Mantra”»

Shani – Saturn – has left you, so you no longer need to ingratiate yourself with him, but listen and maybe recite this mantra anyway to remember and become aware of what she taught you.