Mūlasthāna    foundations 

«By drawing up the mūlasthāna, uddīyāna-bandha should be performed. The flow of the air should be directed to the susumnā, by closing the idā and the pingalā. The prāna becomes calm and latent by this means, and thus there is no death, old age, disease, etc» (Hathayoga-Pradīpikā, III.73-74).

Sthāna in Sanskrit means “place”. It usually refers to the place to receive initiation or to practice yoga. The same term is used in hatha-yoga to indicate the places in the body connected with the five elements. For example, the place of the earth element is prthvī-sthāna and includes the lower part of the body up to the knees. Mūlasthāna, on the other hand, indicates the point at the base of the perineum, from which the susumnā-nādī, the major energy channel of the body, starts. Mūlasthāna is a term used in fact to indicate the base, the foundation.

A reflection on your life, on the karmic knots that have held you back in pursuing what you love and what you feel led to do will begin to bear fruit from now on. Perhaps important changes have occurred, perhaps you have started a new life. Well now it’s time to build the foundations of what has been your idea of ​​new life so far. 


Stambha-āsana, pillar pose

There is no better position to work on the base, to develop physical and mental strength that makes you sure of what you want your base to be.  

Awareness exercise

Take five minutes every now and then, sitting in a meditative position. Imagine the house of your dreams. Observe and build every detail and finally see it as a whole.

Mantra of the month

« What building do I want to build?»