Atha – so 

«Now instruction in yoga»  (Yoga-sūtra, 1.1). 

Atha yogānushāsannam is the opening sūtra of Patanjali’s famous text. The word atha is often used as the beginning of books, as if to say “here it is”, a sort of answer to the question that today would colloquially sound like “so what?”. The term is also considered a good omen for the fortune of the book.

Are you Libra ready for one of the busiest months in recent years? Saying busy I also mean positive and proactive. For some time now I have been advising you to prepare yourself, to work on your projects and ideas. Now, if the material is ready, opportunities begin to come to practice, to present your work to others, to make your new ideas bear fruit. So what?


Pushpaputa-mudrā, gesture of offering

The word pushpaputa literally means “handful of flowers” and refers to the offering of flowers to the Gods. What do you have to offer the world?      

Awareness exercise

What are your fears in introducing yourself? Whenever you feel intimidated by Libra, stop, take a deep breath and think that what you present, even if only your presence, is an offer, your contribution, that enriches your life. Someone will enjoy it. Remember the phrase of Krishnamurti: “A flower full of beauty, light and sweetness perhaps says: “Do I give, help, serve something?”  It exists! And since it doesn’t try to do anything, it covers the earth ”.

Mantra of the month

«Here I am».