Moha – blurring

«Fulfilment is from an act of concealing the delusion of mind» (Shiva-sūtra, 3.6).

Moha indicates illusion, blunder, distraction, bewilderment, disorientation, perplexity, lack of conscience and awareness, in short, in general a confused state of mind that does not lead to a correct perception of reality.

For you Sagittarius, optimistic and used to movement and vitality, this subdued period is experienced as depressing, but you are probably prey to moha and see everything darker than it actually is. If you look around Sagittarius, you will realize that basically you do not lack anything and you are even luckier than many people. So where does this blurred vision of life come from and what is it for? In my opinion it is an invitation to reflect, especially on the past, a moment of restraint from your active life, necessary for you to understand and consequently undo the knots that have prevented the evolution of some parts of you.


Nethra vyayanam, exercise for the eyes

Perhaps the first thing to fix is ​​the adaptation of sight, being able to move from what is far away to what is close. Then place your index finger in front of your eyes with your arm extended. Fix your gaze on the index and then move it to the most distant point on the same trajectory of the index. Then go back to the finger. Repeat at least 20 times each day.      

Awareness exercise

One of the meanings of the word guru can be traced back to the two syllables, gu and ru, and would indicate the role of the teacher to lead from darkness to light. Even if you don’t have a teacher, Sagittarius, think about how you can illuminate what you see. Make an effort every time you see something dark, think what it would be like to throw light on it. Does the light have to be inside or outside of you?

Mantra of the month

«Pavamana Mantra”

(it’s a very famous mantra, listen to it and read its meaning here).