Shrāntā – tired

«Their friendship: You have spend seven nights standing constantly without sleep holding up Govardhana. You must be very tired. O my friend Kṛṣṇa, throw the mountain into Śrīdāma’s hand. Our minds are very disturbed seeing You in this condition. Or at least place the mountain in Your right hand. Then we will be able to massage Your left hand» (Sri Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu, 3.3.18).

The changes that have taken place and are taking place now bring a bit of tiredness. Or maybe it is the stagnant situation that brings fatigue, and in turn will open up to future change, even if you may not be so aware of it right now. The point is in any case that this month is more difficult to manage and bear: your patience, health, beliefs are being tested.

You are tired and you do not want to work hard to prove that you are right. Result: clashes and nervousness. Remedy: develop compassion for yourself, give yourself time and transform obstacles into new possibilities, be creative. Think of the verse above: throw your load for a moment, leave the mountain, and if you really don’t want to leave it hold it only with your right hand, but let your left hand be massaged and find rest. The left part of the body is linked to the right hemisphere, to creativity, and the hand is the symbol of action. In short, give space to creativity.


Sadhaka-āsana, adept pose

It is a resting position, especially for the back, and at the same time it is a stimulus for the mind (with fists pressing in the point between the eyebrows) and a warning of humility to develop compassion for yourself and remember that you can still learn a lot.

Awareness exercise

Do you know that the best ideas come when we stop thinking about those same ideas? Meditation is a good example of this. Personally, I often find the solutions I look for after about fifteen minutes sitting in silence, trying to keep my mind silent too. How about you try?

Mantra of the month

«My left hand».