Gandhana – perseverance

«The devotees enjoy riches due to their personal efforts and through the grace of God, but mainly through their own patience and perseverance » (Rig Veda 1.138.3).

Fortunately, Taurus is a sign that never back down from work, even when the work gets tough. Indeed, it is perhaps precisely in these cases that it thrives. So, Taurus, get prepared for this somewhat hectic month, during which you may sometimes feel like throwing everything to hell, but instead you have to consider all that a test for attesting the validity and conviction of what you are pursuing. You’re still growing, Taurus, from all points of view, don’t forget that!


Tala-āsana, palm pose

Do you know that if you are under 20-25, this pose can help you grow taller? The skeletal system is still growing and this work can stimulate it in that sense. Are you already over 25? Well, not only will it prevent you from losing height as is natural with the wear of the intervertebral discs, but it will also allow you to regain something if your posture or wear has actually lowered you a little. In short, you never stop growing!

Awareness exercise

You would like to have more time to relax, maybe take the time to cook and then enjoy a good dinner. There is time for everything and now perhaps it is not the time. But it’s not fair to succumb to the frenzy either. So I propose this exercise: for each hectic moment, stop for a moment, close your eyes, take a deep breath, think of a relaxing or idyllic moment, remember how you feel in that moment, and then start doing what you have to again, but keeping in mind that inner peace.

Mantra of the month 

« Growing».