Dhur – responsibility

«Thou art the yoke (dhur); injure (dhūrv) thou the injurer! injure him that injures us! injure him whom we injure!’ For there being a fire in the yoke by which he will have to pass when he fetches the material for the oblation, he thereby propitiates it, and thus that fire in the yoke does not injure him when he passes by» (Satapatha Brahmana,

The dhur is that part of a yoke that rests on the shoulder, the mast or pole of a carriage and by extension it means load, responsibility, duty, task. It also means a “part” and in a sense it is synonymous with anga, which is precisely a member, someone or something in collusion with the main part. I use the word collusion, because it is the theme that interests you most Virgo.

You have been busy lately to improve your organization and your health and you have probably succeeded or perhaps you are still in the process. This month you will see small results in terms of physical energy and the ability to relate to others. In short, when you are calm and healthy, you will realize, everything becomes easier. Then also realize the responsibility you have when things are not going well, become aware of your part in collusion, the origins of that behavior and work on this. 


Ashtanga namaskara-āsana, eight limbs pose

All parts of us work together to create a position, to create a situation 

 Awareness exercise

Observe any uncomfortable situations. How much do you collude in creating it? 

Mantra of the month

«I am aware of all my parts».