Dayā – compassion

«That indulgence towards all beings, as towards one’s own self, by body, mind and word of mouth, that alone is known as Compassion by knowers of Vedānta»  (Darshana Upanishad, 1.14-15).

In the Darshana Upanishad dayā it is one of the ten yamas, the observances prescribed for the yogin. It is a principle of sympathy, or sym-pathos “suffering with”, according to which there is no difference between yourself and others. In order for dayā to be possible, you need to do a lot of work on yourself. In fact, only by understanding, accepting and forgiving your own dynamics you do understand, accept and forgive those of others.

Your birthday is near, Aries, and Venus comes in: it will give you satisfaction and maybe some little news from an emotional point of view. If you still doubt the consideration of others for your figure, you will now begin to understand that every person lives his own inner struggle and if he or she hurt you it was perhaps for his own awkwardness, as happens to everyone, rather than for disinterest or offense. Be indulgent and let affection and love reciprocate your compassion.


Aries Horoscope March 2021
Painting by Bruno Fantelli

Ushtra-āsana, camel pose

It is the position in which the singer is seen in the video that I recommend below. It also allows for a large opening of the heart.

Awareness exercise

What don’t you forgive to yourself yet? Whenever you get angry with yourself, stop, take a deep breath, and decide to have compassion for yourself.

Mantra of the month

I recommend to you a very pop mantra, Aries. Listen to Daya Nara’s single, titled Mantra. Hum and dance it all month and remember in particular the refrain “Forgive me and forgive yourself, we’re on our way, we make mistake”.