Yugādi – the beginning of an era 

«Now, O great king, listen to the Yugādis (days marking the beginning of the Yugas). They are dear to Pitris. By the mere mentioning of these, series of sins becomes dispelled» (Skanda Purana, 1.217.60).

The title sounds a bit high-sounding, but it wants to be a harbinger of the optimism that pervades you. It will not be the beginning of a new era, but they will be holy days in a certain sense, to be honored just as the Yugādis are honored. Whether it becomes a new era, of course it is entirely up to you.

There is a good climate in March, that allows you to relax and distract yourself a little from the big problems of life, be it the daily chores or the dramas that sooner or later affect every human existence. As the verse above says: sins are dispelled. 

As I said, you resume a good optimism, which will help you in particular when someone will oppose you in your intentions: you do not at all want to let your intentions sink. Instead, what you want now is to throw yourself into creative projects or new business or study ventures, that you may have been cultivating for some time, but that you never have the opportunity to start or complete. It’s the right time to start, isn’t it?


Cancer Horoscope March 2021
Paintings by Francesco Casati

Utphāla-āsana, great leap pose

Throw yourself into your projects with courage.

Awareness exercise

Each day is a new beginning and can mark a new era in your life. Take two minutes each night and write down what during the day marked something new for you and for your future.

Mantra of the month

«The moment to begin».