Alasa – lazy  

«And whoever always acts against the precepts of the Scriptures, materialistic, obstinate, crafty and able to insult, lazy, always sad and alway procrastinating, is under the influence of ignorance»  (Bhagavad-gītā, 18.28). 

In other versions of the Gītā, the first words of this verse speak of “the one who acts without attention”, “the worker who is always engaged in work against or despite the injunctions of the Scriptures”, “the neglected agent”. In short, it seems to refer to someone who works blindly, for interest, without understanding the limit that is natural for everything. Thus, overwhelmed by his own acting, he becomes grumpy, sad and lazy.

You are working so much to do Libra and it’s all right, because that is what Saturn is asking of you. Except that sometimes it is also necessary to disconnect and rest otherwise you risk exploding and above all reaching a point of fatigue that even what works seems to no longer work. It may happen towards the end of this month when a bit of discouragement combined with fatigue will make you feel lazy like never before. Take it as a time of pause and rest. 


Libra Horoscope March 2021
Work by Elena Della Corna

Shava-āsana, corpse pose

If you have to rest, do it properly and without guilt. Choose a restorative rest

Awareness exercise

Are you overwhelmed with thoughts, Libra? Do a continuous exercise in mindfulness: every time a thought comes, see if it is relevant to what you are doing at that moment. If it isn’t, discard it and choose silence of the mind until the next thought.

Mantra of the month

«The silence of the mind».