Udghāta – unlock 

«(Udghāta is) the wind’s striking the head when it has been propelled upwards from its source in the navel » (Rājamārtanda – Patanjali-Yogasutra-Bhashya)..

The udghāta in the contexts of hatha-yoga refers to the outcome of prānāyāma and is usually translated as “eruption”. According to commentator Vasudeva «it seems to be the yogic term for the sensation of a spontaneous upward surge of life energy caused in the early stages of self-induced asphyxiation». The word udghāta also means “unlocking”, “to open”, “to unveil” and in this sense it works precisely because it conveys the idea of ​​energy that is unlocked and rises upwards.

It will be easier this month for you Scorpio to break through a stale or uncertain situation. This is because you have the opportunity to recover the right way to communicate and therefore the support of close people. Grasping or not grasping this opportunity depends on how much and how you are willing to work to express yourself correctly (correctly towards others).


Scorpio Horoscope March 2021
Painting by Federica Zanlucchi

Uddiyanabandha, raising the diaphragm 

It is paradoxical, but the block (bandha) leads to an unblocking!

Awareness exercise

It sometimes happens that you are stuck in a situation and you are aware that by changing your attitude, everything would change. Yet you struggle to make that change. Observe yourself when this happens and do an experiment just for this month: change by forcing yourself a little and see what happens.

Mantra of the month

« I want to unlock».