Viveka – discrimination 

«The swan has the power of going up steadily. It has the power of discriminating between the real and the unreal as in separating milk from water. The swan understands the distinction between ignorance and knowledge. Hence I (Brahmā) the Creator, assumed the form of Swan.O Nārada! But I failed to cognize the refulgent form of Śiva and therefore could not exercise my power of discrimination. How can real knowledge dawn on one who is engaged in activities of creation? Hence though in the form of Swan I could not attain the power of discrimination» (Śivapurāṇa 2.1.15).

Maybe Easter won’t be exactly an idyll from the point of view of your mood. The whole month turns out to be a bit difficult and this could lead you to two opposite reactions: either the desire to give up everything, or on the contrary, a super frenzy to keep up with the pace, challenges or setbacks on the part of others. I don’t think there is a right and a wrong solution, I believe instead in the careful consideration of the present moment and in the ability to discriminate. Viveka, discrimination, is a fundamental characteristic of the yogi, who always knows what to do and when he has to do it. Sometimes it pays to give up and relax, other times to fight with your whole self. Will you be capable of this discernment?


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Karandava-āsana, duck pose

There has always been talk of swan in yoga, but in reality the swans in India did not exist at the time of the texts and it was more easily referred to a breed of ducks.

Awareness exercise

Discrimination is difficult if the mind is engaged in creation activities, or if it is too projected outside, always busy. This does not mean that you must “not do”, but you need moments in which to stop, listen to each other, reflect or be silent. Only in this way the mind becomes clear and discrimination is possible.

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