Setu – bridge

«The Atman is the One without seconds, on which rest the sky, the earth and interplanetary space, the mind and the pranas together with all the other sense organs. Abandon all other interests and topics of conversation. This is the bridge that leads to immortality» (Mundaka Upanishad, 2.2.5).

You have the opportunity to build, to change what has been tight on you so far and therefore it’s time to get busy. It won’t change right away, but now you can build the bridge for that future. Speaking of the future, you obviously need to be patient, because you can’t see the results of your efforts right away. However, you can see the strength of your ideas and creativity, and if someone questions them, don’t waste energy on anger and resentment (“Abandon all other interests and topics of conversation!”). Reflect, correct errors if there are any and by doing so you will see that in the end you will be right! 


Gemini Horoscope April 2021

Setubandha-āsana, bridge pose

And what else? (Be careful, if you can’t take your ankles, the bridge may not be bandha, keep your hands on the ground, your bridge will hold the same!).

    Awareness exercise

Do you sometimes feel like you’re wasting time in vain? It is very different from resting or relaxing. Make this distinction clear this month.

Mantra of the month

«The bridge to my future».