Pipīlika – the ant 

«Those who follow the path of Vamadeva Rishi gradually reach the goal, through a certain number of lives, with the practice of Yoga, Sankhya and karma associated with the sattva guna. The Lord of the Devas has thus established two ways – that of Suka and that of Vamadeva. The way of Suka is called the way of the bird, while that of Vamadeva is called the way of the ant» (Varaha Upanishad, 4.35-36).

You know Aries, Aesop’s fable The cicada and the ant? The moral of the story is that whoever does nothing, gets nothing. It goes for everything, including yoga. You need an intention, but you also need constant action over time.

April coincides with your anti-birthday Libra, and anti-birthday is never an easy time to deal with. Fortunately, a Mars in trine helps you avoid collisions and gives you energy. Use it to carry your creative ideas forward and keep making what you love. Every inner search is concretized in the actions, concentrate on them without arrogance or discouragement. Continue to act and accumulate the material on which to build your future. Act like an ant! 


Libra Horoscope April 2021

Shalabha-āsana, locust pose

What does it have to do with the ant? Locusts also know how to make great sacrifices to achieve what they want.     

Awareness exercise

How many times do you stop to think if what you are doing is okay or where will it take you tomorrow? Being aware is right, but wasting time instead of doing it is not! Act!.

Mantra of the month

«Constant action».