Shunya – void

«One should become void in and void out, and voice like a pot in the space. Full in and full outside, like a jar in the ocean» (Hatha-yoga-pradipika, 4.56).

That described in the verse quoted is the condition of samadhi, what everyone commonly calls enlightenment.

A little nervousness returns this month for you Pisces, but perhaps only because your weak points are touched. Your ideas are a bit confused about what you think about life, what you are looking for from life and what you expect from this world. But is there any need to get angry about this? The existentialists and so the Buddha came to a radical compromise: life has no meaning, everything is empty, so it is worth living and enjoying it for this very reason. Ultimately, however, it is the same vision of yoga: the realization is in the void.

Do you think you can embrace such a philosophy? 


Pisces horoscope April 2021

Ardha kapala-āsana, half pose on the skull

Maybe what I wrote above changes your way of seeing things. Well, help yourself  looking from another perspective with your body as well.

Awareness exercise

Every time you feel confused or frightened, try even just for a moment to hunt all thoughts, of any kind, empty your mind for just a second, try to seize that second and feel how pleasant it is. 

Mantra of the month

«Another perspective».