Smrti – memory

«Memory is the recollection of an experienced condition» (Yoga-sūtra, 1.11). 

Memory according to Patanjali is one of the “state” the mind can be. This modality includes all thoughts that are linked to the past. In Patanjali’s Yoga it is something to be overcome not so much for a philosophy of staying in the present, which is more of a Buddhist matrix, as because it is still a thought that occupies the mind and does not leave it free to transcend.

There are events of the past, injustices that weigh on you, memories perhaps repressed that press in you and that obscure this month the pleasant moments that you can spend. In fact, the present is positive, the circumstances are positive, what bothers you is only within you. Isn’t it a good time for an introspection work?


Sagittarius Horoscope April 2021

Kurma-āsana, turtle pose

Observe where your thoughts go in this position. Just to become aware..       

Awareness exercise

Set five alarms at regular intervals throughout the day. When it plays, observe your thoughts: what were you thinking about? Were you in the past?

Mantra of the month

«A free mind».