Niścitya – convinced

«Knowing for certain that the Prārabdha work will maintain this body, remain quiet and do away with thy superimposition carefully and with patience» (Vivekachudamani, 279).

Prârabdha is the resultant of past karma, which led to present birth. When this is resolved, there is no longer any need to be and liberation ensues. Nishcitya is the initial phrase “knowing for certain”. Nishcitya is someone who has already been convinced of something, who is assured of it and for this reason he is resolute in his intent even if it takes perseverance and patience.

This April is a test of patience for you, Scorpio, and the further you go through the month the more the test intensifies. You can take this challenge as a discipline test: passing it means opening up not only to a new maturity, but also to new possibilities. Be careful about your pride and how you deal with others, in this turmoil compassion is one of the qualities to be learned.


Scorpio Horoscope April 2021

Anuloma-viloma, alternate nostrils breathing

“Knowing for certain” that this is a technique of a thousand benefits, practice it with conviction, it will help you to clear your mind and strengthen your patience.

Awareness exercise

Have you ever noticed that you lose patience when you also lose confidence? If you no longer believe in a project, you no longer have the patience to bear the sacrifices, obstacles, etc. Observe whenever you get impatient, if your confidence is dropping at that moment..

Mantra of the month