Avadhāna- attention 

«Please carefully listen to what I am narrating. You should think for Yourself and decide what is suitable, accept only that» (Brihad-bhagavatamrita,1.6.80).

Avadhāna is the attention that you must pay and also the attention that others will have towards you.

What may have created tensions in your work now finds an outlet or perhaps a positive outcome with some interesting proposals. You can see the result of your efforts in the interest that others have in you. Faced with certain proposals or attentions you can feel in difficulty because you do not know the consequences, but trust in your clarity of thought and do not be influenced by negative experiences of the past. Read the above verse carefully, because it is yours!


Taurus Horoscope April 2021

Garuda-āsana, eagle pose

I recommend it whenever there’s a need to be clear and determined.

Awareness exercise

Whenever you find yourself indecisive or in trouble, stop for a moment, breathe deeply. What scares you the most? Not knowing, the future, or the ghosts of the past, the mistakes already made? Free yourself from both and decide for the present.

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