Vishramba – confidence

«The Lord of Bounteousness hath given ample riches to us, still we feel our soul is hollow, and crave for more; God hath given supreme strength, still we feel weak and emaciated. Let the stream of  God’s love flow in our soul, in our veins, freely to enable us to face the adversities of life with calm confidence » (Rig Veda, 8.32.12).

Vishramba is “trust” and “confidence” in the sense of intimacy, confidence that one has with a family member and therefore “familiarity”. By chance it means “relaxation” and “rest” too, which in fact can really only be had in a family environment, where you feel safe and confident.

The English word “confidence” or “self-confidence” conveys the idea of ​​this confidence well as feeling safe within oneself.

The nervousness that grips you this month has its roots in the idea you have of yourself, Aries. Each person hides insecurities, often inferiority complexes or fears related to wounds, related to self-esteem and emotional wounds. A good way to overturn the annoying effect of this nervousness is to make it functional not only to a better knowledge of you, but also to building a stable and firm inner trust that does not need the approval of others to be such.


Aries Horoscope May 2021
Work by Beatrice Alici

Pashcimottana-āsana, western pose

Relax every night for three minutes in this position, let go of the weights and feel good about yourself.

Awareness exercise

According to Vedanta, behind every negative emotion there is a desire. Whenever you get nervous, observe yourself and try to go back to the primary desire that is at its origin.

Mantra of the month