Sisrikshā – wish to create

«The mind is the creative Brahma called Verinchitvas (Lat. Virinchoativus), by the exercise of its inherent sankalpa or the volition of incipience or creation—sisrikshā;and displays itself in the form of the visible universe by development of its own essence» (Yoga-vasistha, 3.3.34).

You feel a great energy rise within you and the greatest challenge is knowing where to direct it and how to harness it. At the beginning of the month, maybe you will feel restless without a precise understanding of what is happening to you and where to direct your efforts and your attention. A good idea is to use this energy to create something new and this idea will be the more applicable the more you advance in the month and feel your creativity increase. Basically develop your own essence, give free rein to your sisrikshā.


Cancer Horoscope May 2021
Work by Beatrice Alici

Brahma-mudrā, Brahma gesture

Brahma is the creator par excellence, he turns his head on each side because he is all-seeing and able to contemplate every possibility.

Awareness exercise

Sit for ten minutes in silence and observe where your thoughts go: Are they busy with the events of the day? With memories of the past? With fantasies? If with fantasies, can you take inspiration for something achievable? What would you like to do and how could you put it into practice? Repeat this exercise at least three times in the first half of the month.

Mantra of the month

«My essence».