Pramana – right knowledge

«Valid cognitions are perception, inference, and valid testimony» (Yoga-sūtra, 1.7).

Pramana is evidence, something proven, defined, certain, a truth because it is something that has been seen with one’s own eyes or is easily deduced from what happens or it is reported by a reliable source. In the context of the vritti enumerated by Patanjali, it could easily refer to the present moment (as opposed to fantasy which also includes thoughts about the future, and memory, which concerns the past), because a mental content based on the present is usually inferred from what the senses experience at that precise moment (unless it is a wrong inference, then it’s false knowledge).

Throughout the month, Capricorn, you can enjoy a good inner and outer climate that will allow you to advance a lot in your renewal project. If there is something holding you back, perhaps it is only within you: old fears, wounds, regrets. By working deeply on yourself you can overcome everything and enjoy with serenity what life has to offer now, which is necessarily different from what life was before. Stay in the present!


Capricorn Horoscope May 2021
Work by Beatrice Alici

Nethra-vyayanam, exercises for the eyes

Up and down, left and right, diagonally, circular. Move your eyes and look around, see what surrounds you now.

Awareness exercise

Whenever you have a doubt or fear, stop, take three deep breaths and think: Does this fear originate in the past? Is it relevant to what is happening? 

Mantra of the month

«Life now».