Sthita – steadfast 

«He whose illumination is steady, who has constant bliss, and who has almost forgotten the phenomenal universe, is accepted as a man liberated in this very life» (Vivekachudamani, 428).

According to Vyakarana, the school of analysis of Sanskrit grammar, sthita indicates a condition of mental stability. It is the condition of one who has removed all doubts and is therefore intact in his conviction. In general sthita is translated as “firmly convinced”, “persuaded”, “resolute”.

It is not an easy time for you, Leo, and maybe you have already felt like giving up everything and taking off your whims, regardless of what others say or the discipline you know you need. You think you are fine the way you are and you have enough with making efforts to improve or change.

On the other hand, a little voice inside you asks you not to fall into the same mistakes and invites you to learn from those same mistakes. Is the solution somewhere in between? I don’t think so, in my opinion the solution in this case is to be convinced of what you do. Carry it out with determination despite everything, internal voices and external voices.


Leo Horoscope May 2021
Drawings by Giorgia Agnese Cereda

Utkata-āsana, powerful pose

A pose of resolve.

Awareness exercise

atch the clock whenever you have a doubt. Make a mental note of the time and look at the clock again when, probably after a sigh, you move on to thinking about something else.

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