Viparīta – in the opposite direction 

«The Karaṇa (function) should be carried out whereby that nectar is obtained (by keeping) the navel above and the palate down below (so that) the Sun is placed above and the Moon is placed below. This function or activity called Viparīta is achieved through practice» (Varaha Upanishad, 4.35-36).

A good combination of planets should help you develop the right lines of action and establish the right contacts for the development of your projects and your work. You should therefore take advantage and do as much as possible, because later on you will benefit from the fruits. On an inner level you might feel some old wounds again. The only risk you run then is to get upset for the first thing that seems to attack your self-esteem or your position. The time is excellent for reflection on this matter and for a reversal of the trend of karma.


Libra Horoscope May 2021
Work by Giorgia Agnese Cereda

Viparīta karani-mudrā, inverted action

It allow you to see things from another perspective and it reminds you that a change of direction is possible and pleasant too (and will bear good results in long term).     

Awareness exercise

A student of mine used to put herself in an inverted pose whenever she felt anxiety rising. Why don’t you think about doing the same thing every time you feel the pain or anger of old wounds build up?

Mantra of the month

«I reverse the trend».