Yut – to shine

«O Soul, surely Thou hast inner brilliance and invincible power to shine gloriously» (Yajur-veda 10.15).

I hope you have put your mind in peace a little, Pisces, because now is the time to act. Get your energy out, throw your cards on the table, you have everything you need to enjoy a bright, pleasant and rich time. Sometimes it can be a bit hectic or you might encounter some resistance, but it’s all part of the game. Enjoy Pisces, it’s your time.


Pisces Horoscope May 2021
Works by Damiano Colombi

Tara- āsana, star pose

Nothing brighter than this!

Awareness exercise

Have you ever thought about life as a game? Think of a video game with its difficulties and pleasures. After all, you derive pleasure from difficulties. Think about the pleasure you can derive from everything that happens.

Mantra of the month


(the game of the universe).