Sammana – respect 

«These two brothers (Gaura and Nitāi) are like one body; they are identical manifestations. If you do not believe in Lord Nityānanda, you will fall down. If you have faith in one, but disrespect the other, your logic is like the logic of accepting half a hen» (Shri Gaudiya Kantahara, 5.15).

Happy Birthday Taurus. The month opens with great activities and movements. Your desire to change, evolve, be free and independent finds some chance to materialize in small but important events, which can determine your career advancement. Affections support you on your journey. Just be careful not to be arrogant or disrespectful to those who have more experience than you or have a more authoritarian role, because you risk taking only half a hen!


Taurus Horoscope May 2021
Work by Beatrice Gelmetti

Kukkuta-āsana, cockerel pose

Just to remind you to take the whole rooster and give you the strength and attention to do it.

Awareness exercise

You never know who or what can help you in life. This doesn’t mean trying to curry favor with everyone, but remembering not to antagonize everyone. Whenever you face someone you don’t like, think about their human side, their difficulties as human beings, think that if they told you their difficulties maybe you would become friends.

Mantra of the month 

«A full hen».