Kāma – love

«Shastra rules can be applied as long as man’s passion is average, but as soon as the wheel of love is set in motion, neither Shastra nor rules are valid» (Kama-sūtra, 2.2).

A beautiful arrangement of the stars suggests that this is your month of love, Cancer. The solstice could seal the opening of a bright new chapter in the field of affection. There are no obstacles but yourself. If you linger in fear of old wounds or if you persist in keeping your stance rigid so as not to scratch your ego, then you may find some difficulty. If, on the other hand, you reveal your sensitive side, you open yourself to compassion for yourself and for others, take note of your strength for good and for bad, well you can only reside on the throne of love.


Cancer Horoscope June 2021

Kusuma-āsana, open flower pose

Find the right balance and stay open to love. Repeat this pose every day for 10 breaths.

Awareness exercise

Think about what you’re not willing to change at all. Imagine possible scenarios if this thing changed instead.

Mantra of the month 

«I open myself to love».