Budha – Mercury

« Pleased with him, the Lord granted him the status of being a Planet. The devotee who worships the deity installed by the son of Soma (i.e. Budha) especially on a Wednesday coinciding with the eighth lunar day derives the fruit of (performing) Rājasūya sacrifice. Due to the favour of the deity, no one in the family of the devotee becomes wretched or separated from near and dear ones. He will never have any cause to fear from enemies. Thus, the greatness of the deity installed by Budha has been succinctly spoken. One who listens to it, delights in it and remains pure attains the greatest region» (Skanda Purana, 1.46.5-7).

Mercury retrograde is usually seen as a threat especially when it comes to communications and technologies. According to others, however, it is simply a lingering of Mercury in that position and therefore an aid for those who find it in positive transit. Mercury is your planet Gemini and the fact that it lingers in your sign can only be positive: it strengthens your ability to communicate and gives you the opportunity to make the most of what an already positive period like your birthday can bring you. Pay attention to the vibrations you feel in the air and catch the favorable winds! 


Gemini Horoscope June 2021

Pakshin-āsana, bird pose

Learn to feel where the wind goes, to get carried away, to glide.

Awareness exercise

There are good conversations, useful conversations, and unnecessary conversations. Work to avoid the latter, optimize the latter, and flourish in the former.

Mantra of the month

«Om Buddhaya namah».

(Salutation to Mercury!)