Nishcitya – feeling certain

«The wise man, discriminating thus the real and the unreal, ascertaining the Truth through his illuminative insight, and realising his own Self which is Knowledge Absolute, gets rid of the obstructions and directly attains Peace» (Vivekachudamani, 352).

Nishcitya means “ascertained that” and indicates someone who feels “resolute”, “convinced”, “decided”, precisely because he has ascertained what gives him this belief.

You are proactive Libra and you are willing to face what has to be done. The mind is clear and contacts and communications work. Of course, everything cannot always go smoothly, obstacles are in everyone’s way. Don’t get angry or depressed if someone disapproves of your job, it’s important that you are convinced. With the right savoir-faire you will know how to convince others sooner or later!


Libra Horoscope June 2021

Virabhadra-āsana II, Virabhadra pose, second variation

Consolidate your belief. 

Awareness exercise

What really discourages you when someone turns on you? Is it the need for approval from others or other insecurities? Look deeply and in the meantime listen to the criticisms and take the good sides, those that can be useful for you to improve.

Mantra of the month

«I discriminate between what is useful and useless».