Samriddhi – prosperity

«Proper Combination (lit. combined production), Brilliance [of Pageant] (samṛddhi), and actors capable of [good] production are the three [points of] merit [in a performance]» (Natyashastra, 27.98-99).

Samriddhi is the name of success, prosperity or brilliance as translated in the above verse, and exuberance. There are many factors that generate a picture of prosperity, perhaps even more than three unlike the science of dance (Natyashastra).

Enjoy this June, Pisces. Welcome the solstice as the beginning of a new cycle of life. Enjoy the company of loved ones and new people you can meet. Of course, every positive thing has its negative side and maybe a lot of prosperity can also bring too much movement and a pinch of frenzy and make you want moments of peace and solitude. Meeting so many people means, among many, also finding those you don’t like or those who are hostile to you. But all this is part of the game of life and the solstice is the full triumph of light and life!


Pisces Horoscope June 2021

Badhra-āsana, propitious pose

To feel prosperity.

Awareness exercise

Have you ever celebrated the solstice? This is a good time to start doing this. Observe the increase in light every evening until June 21st and give thanks for this gift of life.

Mantra of the month

«The game of life»