Kuncikā – the key 

«Kundalini Parameshvari awakens by the heat generated by the practice of yoga, by the speed of prāna, and by the power of mental concentration. Rising up it penetrates the Sushumnā nādī as a needle would do, and opens the door of liberation for the yogi as a key would» (Yoga chudamani Upanishad, 1-39).

Kundalini is the key to spiritual realization. You need a lot of practice, perseverance and patience to wake it up. The yogi will encounter many obstacles in his path and will sometimes feel that he is not progressing. Only with willpower, great application, confidence and the strength to change deeply will he succeed in his intent.

The solstice won’t see you in the best mood, Taurus. Be careful not to exaggerate in asserting your reasons, they could be conditioned by events already experienced in the past and not necessarily linked to what is happening now. Patience and the ability to question yourself are the two keys to keep the point of your life plan. Just like the yogi you can and must go on in spite of everything. There is no need for clashes: if your projects are valid they will not only withstand the bad weather, but could flourish thanks to those who seem to be against you.


Taurus Horoscope June 2021

Mala-āsana, garland pose

It is a pose that I always recommend for patience. It involves bending the knees and opening the hips. This is possible only if the ego is willing to bend and if there is an interiorly rooted trust.

Awareness exercise

Do you know the difference between diligence and stubbornness? The first concerns the scrupulousness with which a job is pursued. The second is when diligence is such that it no longer considers the factors around it and therefore turns into inability to adapt to new circumstances. Watch this border this month!

Mantra of the month 


(It seems that it is a word widely used in Japanese tradition)