Abhaya – undaunted

«The King who imparts security is ever to be honoured; his sacrificial session constantly prospers, accompanied as it is by the gift of ‘security» (Manusmriti, 43.8.303).

You have probably heard or seen the abhaya-mudrā in some depiction of the Buddha, Shiva or Ganesha. It is the gesture that represents courage, the lack of fear. Abhaya means in fact “free from fear”, “safe”, “protected”, and also “undaunted”, “intrepid”.

A hectic month awaits you, Virgo. There will be so much to do and probably so many setbacks that will make you think destiny is against you. that  Don’t give up, continue undaunted in carrying out your projects, even if it takes more time or effort than expected. If you give in, you will only repeat old patterns from the past, which are probably the ones that have held back from achieving what you want. Now you really want to change and you have the conditions to do so. Do not stop!


Virgo Horoscope June 2021

Sukhothai Buddha, the walking Buddha

One of the best known depictions of the Buddha. Here the Buddha keeps the Abhaya-mudrā, the gesture of the undaunted.

Awareness exercise

How many times have you stopped blaming others? Whenever you find opposition, see if the opposition is not primarily within you.  

Mantra of the month