Upakāra – benevolence  

«The sense of the word Upakāra (benevolence) is also Anughraha. Since that too is of beneficent nature Śiva is all-benevolent.» (Yoga-sūtra, 2.48).

Upakāra means “support”, “favor”, “assistance”, “help”, “kindness”, “benevolence”.

It is what you can find from the people around you, Aries, if only you are willing to ask for it. You can put aside the pride of doing everything alone. Even Shiva, the destroyer, is actually benevolent.

Whether big or small, the projects you started two or three months ago are now finding their fulfillment. Just because you are on the finishing straight you could experience a more hectic moment and encounter some setbacks as it is normal when there is so much to do. This agitation is fortunately compensated for and calmed by the relationships you have and can build. It is a good time to be with people and ask them for help on a pragmatic or even psychological level.


Aries Horoscope July 2021

Sadhaka-āsana, adept pose

Kneel, bend down before a divinity, a teacher or even a friend out of pure gratitude.

Awareness exercise

Whenever you happen to hold back before asking anything, observe what the emotion is holding you back: confidentiality, shame, pride or something else?

Mantra of the month

«Together with others».