Svara – the flow 

«When there is the flow of the breath linked to the sun at the time of the rising of the sun and the flow of the breath related to the moon at the time of the rising of the moon, all activities undertaken by day or by night are devoted to success» (Śiva Svarodaya, 79).

The svara is the energy flow which flows in the nadis, energy channels, and which is felt with the breath. The nostrils are connected with the right and left side of the body, governed in turn by the flows of the two main energy channels: pingala and ida. In the morning the right nostril is working at best, while the left is suitable for the evening before bedtime. In this way, a good physical and mental balance is ensured and with a good balance even actions and businesses are successful.

Given the uncertainty in which you have found yourself so far, Gemini, you could take advantage of the thrust of Mercury and Jupiter to affirm your new ideas: traveling, moving, learning, building networks of relationships. Be careful, however, do not get caught up in enthusiasm and optimism alone, but calibrate and calculate what to do well, try to act while maintaining a good balance.


Gemini Horoscope July 2021

Vriksha-āsana, position of the tree

I usually suggest breathing with alternate nostrils for psycho-physical balance, but the tree will help you maintain concentration and curb impetuous actions.

Mindfulness exercise

Observe the flow of breath in the morning and in the evening: which nostril is active? If the right is still active in the evening, seek a little calm by meditating or breathing for a while only on the left.

Mantra of the month

«Act calmly».