Sattva – virtue 

«Sometimes passion (rajas) prevails by overcoming virtue (sattva) and ignorance (tamas), sometimes it is virtue that overcomes passion and ignorance, at other times ignorance overcomes virtue and passion. Thus, o descendant of Bharata, this struggle for the upper hand never ends “(Bhagavad-gītā, 14.10).

It’s a month made to be fully enjoyed, Pisces. Perhaps it will seem too pressing at first, but already after the first ten days you will feel that a right rhythm is established, a right harmony. It’s a sattvic month for you. Take advantage of it to do what you cannot do in moments when agitation (rajas) or indolence (tamas) or events take over. Now is the time for right activity and equanimity, for sattva.


Pisces Horoscope July 2021

Ardha bhujanga-āsana, partial cobra pose

A position of affirmation, but calm.

Awareness exercise

In what do you find harmony? This month think about doing, building, balancing something that gives you harmony.

Mantra of the month