Kumbhaka – suspension

«The man that practises the Kumbhaka or suppression of his breathing within himself, cannot be employed in any action; but must remain calmly in this act of suppression, by giving all external thoughts and actions. (i.e., as in a state of torpidity)» ().

Kumbhaka is breath retention, a key technique of hatha-yoga. The yogi trains with breathing until he reaches a state of spontaneous suspension of the breath. It is an active and full of concentration process that eventually leads to something that becomes natural for the yogi, because if imposed when the body is not ready it would be harmful.

You, too, Taurus, should focus on the parts you can take full control of and leave the rest to when it comes naturally.

Keep your mind on the parts of your projects that are valid and indisputable or at least not contested by anyone, since you have no desire to submit to the will of others nor to compromise with those who ask you to do things in a different way from how you want them. On these things it is better to suspend judgment and postpone until you have clearer ideas and more fluent understanding with others. It’s just a matter of waiting for the end of the month.


Taurus Horoscope July 2021

Ujjayi-prānāyāma with kumbhaka, breath of the victorious with retention.

You can try a short retention just to understand what the state of mind is like when it suspends judgment and activity. Inhale, hold the same time as the inhale and exhale twice as long. Try it for five minutes every day.

Awareness exercise

Do you happen to be stubborn and want to carry on something at all costs even if everything goes against it? What desire does this attitude hide? There is something more than just wanting to complete something. See if it hides an anxiety, a fear, an ambition.

Mantra of the month 

«Breathe slowly».