Paripakva – ripe

«O Brahman! Corporeal beings are known to be of two kinds: the unripe ones (with a foul interior, because of the spurious nature of their Gnosis) and the ripe ones (the real men of Gnosisi ripened by Yoga)» (Yoga-śikhopanishad, I.25). 

There are mature men, pakvas and immature men, apakva. The former are helped by the constant practice of yoga that brings them knowledge, in the deepest and most existential sense of the term. They are happy and free from suffering.

Getting to this state of maturity presupposes a long journey of reflection, awareness, experience and the ability to learn from mistakes. The immature men are often recognized by their lack of inner firmness, which make them build a fake façade. As they and therefore unaware of their behavior.

Sometimes you feel like you’ve gotten into a mess, Aquarius. You are a precursor, you have innovative ideas, but they are not immediately accepted and you sometimes get discouraged, despite the basic optimism. Every business requires patience, perseverance, responsibility and a sense of proportion. Constantly monitor how far you can go, without illusions or arrogance. Concentrate your energy, continue to believe in what you do and observe how much you have grown over time and how now you are more aware and therefore you can do everything in a better and more organized way.


Aquarius Horoscope August 2021

Ardha bhujanga-āsana, half cobra pose

A position that shows pride and calm at the same time.

Awareness exercise

What do moments of discouragement correspond to? Physical fatigue, unfulfilled expectations, criticisms, obstacles? When you are discouraged, stop for five minutes in silence, analyze the moment and look for the root of that state of mind. Then remedy point by point.

Mantra of the month

«Concentrate your energy».