Alasa – idle  

« In a case of Alasa, the legs should be sprinkled with Aranala (a kind of Kanjika); and a plaster composed of sesamum, Nimba leaves, sulphate of iron (Kasisa), Haritala and Saindhava, or of Haritaki pasted with the decoction of Laksha (Laksha-rasa)[7] should be applied to the affected parts. Blood-letting should also be resorted to. As an alternative, mustard oil boiled with the expressed juice of Kantakari should be applied to them or the affected localities should be rubbed or chafed (Pratisarana) with a pulverised compound of sulphate of iron (Kasisa), Gorocana and Manah-shila» (Sushruta samitha, 20.13-14).

The month starts well Aries. The Sun and Mercury are in a good position in the first half of the month. This will help you deal with unfinished business, especially when it comes to papers and writings. With the optimism that is reborn and the smoothness with which things move, you will probably want to enjoy a well-deserved rest after the half of the month. In fact it is vacation time and if you can it is the right time to laze around. If you can’t, instead, pay attention to laziness and indulgence that could slow you down too much or make you negligent. 

This is why I have chosen alasa as the word of the month for you, Aries. I have already used this term in other contexts (with other verses), highlighting a more negative meaning. In your case, however, this laziness is justified and indeed needs to be “cured”, in the sense of carrying out actions that give you refreshment and regenerate you.


Aries Horoscope August 2021

Sulabha viparita-karanī, easy reversed pose

There is nothing more pleasant when you want to rest and stretch at the same time: you have the benefits of inversions and stretching of the spine. Check that your pelvis is well supported against the wall and that you are at 90 °!

Awareness exercise

Can you distinguish the need for rest from the desire for rest? Keep this distinction in mind whenever you want to stop. Stop in the first case, finish what you have to do in the second!

Mantra of the month

«The right rest».