Āyu – Life-time

«Gārgya said, ‘This sound that issues behind a man as he walks, I meditate upon as Brahman.’ Ajātaśatru said, ‘Please don’t talk about him. I meditate upon him as life.’ He who meditates upon him as such attains his full term of life in this world, and life does not depart from him before the completion of that term» (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, 2.1.10).

Āyu is a prefix known above all for the word Āyurveda, literally the “science of life”,

and in fact the term indicates life, in the sense of its earthly duration and in this sense it indicates a living being or more generally a man, mankind. In the above verse the expression sarvaṃ haivāsmiṃlloka āyureti indicates full life or more precisely all the things to be accomplished in life.

It doesn’t seem like vacation time for you yet, Taurus. Instead, you seem pretty busy. Although you don’t have any particular problems with people or even with activities, in the first part of the month you still experience a certain frenzy. Maybe you’re going to get some projects done before someone or something gets in the way and you have to put it off. On the other hand, you are undergoing changes and a certain apprehension or haste is normal. You could arrive in August with a bad moon for this, but immediately afterwards you will feel that the climate tends to relax and you will be able to finish what you have to do without particular agitation.


Taurus Horoscope August 2021

Chakra-āsana, wheel pose

Do you know the saying “closing the circle”? Here you create a circle with your body (if you can not, keep your head on the ground). It will give you the strength and courage to carry out your missions. Do this at least 3 times a week for twenty seconds.

Awareness exercise

Set an alarm three times a day and when it rings, spend two minutes (just two!) Taking slow, deep breaths.

Mantra of the month 

«I meditate on Brahman».