Svara – your own flow

«The favourable flow of the swarm grants capability to an incapable person whereas it (an unfavourable svara) makes even a capable person incapable. Since all living entities are bound by the reaction of their karma, one should act according to one’s svara.» (Śiva Svarodaya, 99).

The svarodaya-vijnāna is the “knowledge of good fortune resulting from the passage of air through the nostrils”. It is a divinatory technique that observes the flow of the breath to predict events and luck. The practice presupposes an active part too: you can change and influence the future by modifying the respiratory flow.

The aura of emotional pleasure that surrounds you makes you foretell the arrival of a significant birthday. You want to change, even if you don’t know how. Fears could hold you back and beliefs could block you. Open up to the flow, you have a lot to learn and you can do it in the best way if you are not tied to the consequences of what has already been. If you change, the effects of your actions also change.


Virgo Horoscope August 2021

Anuloma-viloma prānāyāma, breathing with alternate nostrils

There is no better technique for becoming aware, balancing and learning to direct the flow of the breath at will. Practice 3 to 10 cycles (one cycle equals two breaths) whenever you can.

Awareness exercise

Do a little experiment: choose even a minimal action, but one that you repeat often and possibly that in some way also involves someone else. Try doing it completely differently. Watch for the consequences.  

Mantra of the month

«My breathing is calm».