Balavat – vehement 

«O Krishna, because the mind is by nature restless, powerful, obstinate and capable of completely overpowering the intelligence, body and senses, it seems as difficult to control as the wind» (Bhagavad-gītā, 6.34).

In the verse above balavat is translated as powerful, but the entire verse conveys the idea of ​​what the specific term means. Balavat  can be translated as “predominant”, “to take over”, “vigorous”, “more important”, “in a high degree”, “in possession of power”, “strong”, “intense”, “dense” ( of the darkness) and of course “vehement” or “vehemently”.

You’re not quiet, Pisces, at least not until mid-month. Although a certain nervousness comes from some event that discourages you, instead of asking for help you show arrogance and irritability and impose yourself as if you could or know how to do everything yourself. Open up to people, Pisces, because you will find that they can help you a lot and give you the support you need.


Pisces Horoscope September 2021

Setu bandha-āsana, bonded bridge pose

Create a bridge between you and others and hold onto negative emotions, so as not to collapse the bridge!

Awareness exercise

How do you behave when someone offers you help? Do you gladly accept? Or do you politely deny for fear of disturbing? Or do you still refuse because you think you don’t need it? Observe the reasons why you want to accept help or not.

Mantra of the month

«Mutual aid».