Yoga in Padua

Yoga in Padua

Hatha-yoga lessons on the sense of self

 17 and 31 October – 07 and 21 November


HOURS: from 10.30 to 12.30

LOCATION: at A.S.D. CENTRO SHAKTI – Laboratorio di yoga e cultura,Via Trieste, 26, Padova.

COST: 20€ per class.




From the ego to the soul: yogic experiments on “who am I?”

The seminars are a journey into oneself following one of the basic human tendencies: identification. This tendency answers the question “Who am I?”, A fundamental question of the philosophers of the West and the East.

In the yoga tradition asmita, the sense of self that gives rise to identifications, is the least of the obstacles to be overcome before reaching spiritual realization. I remember an Indian master who taught us that if I can see my body as a subject seeing an object, it means that I am not my body; I will perhaps then be the mind. If I think about it, however, I can also see my mind, see how I feel. Who is it then that sees this mind?

Practical hatha-yoga workshops

The practical experience of the seminars is a comparison with this question. Starting from the identification with the body (seminar that was already held in Padua last March) and passing through the breath, the mind and the intellect, each seminar is an attempt at a response lived on one’s skin through the āsanas and the various hatha-yoga techniques.

Even if there are no particular philosophical or spiritual aspirations, the practical reflection on asmita assumes a fundamental importance to live better with oneself, avoiding the attachments and frustrations that identification necessarily entails.


Saturday 17 October: I live because I breathe

Saturday October 31st: My emotions define me

Saturday, November 07: I think, therefore I am

Saturday 21 November: The truth in nothing

«Che cosa ti fa essere te, e quali sono i tuoi confini? La risposta sembra in parte ovvia: tu sei un centro di coscienza. Ma cos’è mai la coscienza? La coscienza è il connotato più ovvio e insieme più misterioso della nostra mente»

(Hofstaedter, Dennet, L’io della mente)