Kālachakra – wheel of time 

«O Knower of every thing! Thus, without Jñāna (knowledge, wisdom) Mukti never comes to men, wandering in this wheel of Time (Kālacakra) composed of the three Guṇas» (Devi Bhagavata Purana, 1.24).

Kālachakra is the wheel of time, therefore the revolution, the movement of time (in India there is a circular convention of time). More generally it can indicate the vicissitudes of life or even the wheel of fortune.

Do you happen to compare what you are doing now to something you have already done in the past? It happens, we tend to see history as cyclical. Karmic experiences reinforce this idea, as they seem to recur in the same way. In reality, circumstances are always different. Man can always be the same, as Machiavelli said, but if you have worked on yourself, if you have learned from experience, you are not exactly the same. This step of the cycle is an evolutionary step, to a higher plane. Enjoy it for what it is.


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«A new cycle».