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  Techniques for Anxiety and Depression, ed. Magnanelli, Turin, 2016.

Anxiety and depression affect so many people today that they can be called the diseases of the twenty-first century. Through yoga we can acquire a new vision of life, we can learn to abandon ourselves and flow with the course of things, to cultivate trust, to rediscover a meaning and a purpose of existence, to which everyone will give their own interpretation depending on his own creed, religion or philosophy.



Yoga and Sexuality ed. Magnanelli, Turin, 2015.

Yoga is often defined as a science of being. As such it embraces all the most important aspects of human life and, for each one of them, it proposes the way and the means that allow people to live life fully, in complete awareness and realization. Sex could not therefore not playing a fundamental role in yoga. This small essay is a synthesis of both historical and cultural vision of yoga in relation to sexuality, and the modern use of yoga-therapy to heal the psychophysical diseases related to sex.



From Harmony to Joy, ed. Magnanelli, Turin, 2012.

This book wants to bring light into the infinite implications that every minimal gesture of a hatha-yoga session hides. Obviously, every school and every teacher has its own way of working and interpreting yoga, but many practices are common and the meaning that underlies each method is undoubtedly the same. The hatha-yoga lesson is often characterized by a harmonious flow that awakens the feeling of a fascinating growth. Respecting harmony means knowing how to put together (from the Greek harmonía, derived from harmo zein “to join”) elements that create a pleasant harmony, a complex that gives relief and cheers mind and soul, recalling the deep spiritual bond of every physical body with the whole universe.


Hatha-Yoga Manual, Theory and Practice for teachers, students and practitioners, ed.Tutor, Madrid, 2016.

Hatha-Yoga Manual aims to shed light on the infinite aspects that hides every minimum gesture of a hatha-yoga session. Each school and each teacher has their way of working and interpreting yoga, but many practices are common and the meaning underlying each method is undoubtedly the same. Thus, this manual provides the indispensable theoretical and practical material for teachers, students and students of yoga.




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Yoga for Back-Pain for Maxy Sound, Bussolengo (VR), October 2016.


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