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«Even a man of knowledge acts according to his own nature, for everyone follows the nature he has acquired from the three modes. What can repression accomplish?» (Bhagavad-gītā, III.33).

Happy Birthday Scorpio!

The month starts with the Sun and Jupiter on your side. If you consider that your birthday is your personal New Year, the beginning of the month is an excellent time to draw up your intentions for the year to come. Among other things you should find some stability with Uranus leaving its opposition for a few months. What’s more, from the middle of the month then you’ll have Mars on your side as well, that is you will have the energy you need to start transforming your intentions into reality.

The Sanskrit root kr gives rise to different words and basic principles in yoga philosophy: 1. karma, intended as the baggage each of us carry from previous lives and that determines the actions that binds us to other lives; karma-yoga, the idea of ​​acting without being attached to the fruits of the action itself; kriyā, purification acts of hatha-yoga, which aim to remove indolence and toxins from the body; kriyā-yoga, the yoga of action or preliminary yoga, a fundamental requirement for any path you want to follow or anything you want to do in life.

Meditate on that root, Scorpio, because each derivative of it can be useful for you at this time.

Prepare yourself for action with this sequence:

Bhujanga-āsana, snake pose. The snake changes the skin periodically and it is therefore a symbol of regeneration. Think of turning right now into what you want to become. You will notice that you are that already! // From 30 sec. a 1 min.

Utkata-āsana, literally unstable pose, but know as powerful pose and yogic chair too. Strong and firm on your legs, take stock of yourself and try to understand what you want. // From 30 sec. a 1 min.

Sankalpa. Relax a meditative pose. Take some time to relax all your muscles. Establish a connection with your heart and let your deepest desire emerge. Ask yourself what’s behind that desire, imagine what your life would be like with that fulfilment, how you would feel. Analyze your desire in its origin and think whether basically you already have the means to make it happen. So formulate a short positive sentence using a present tense verb, which summarizes what you can do right now to fulfil your desire. Repeat it in your mind like a mantra for a while and always carry it with you in a corner of your mind and heart. // From 5 to 15 min.

TOTAL TIME: from 7 to 17 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «Remember your sankalpa».





ATTENTION: each technique may have contraindications. Take proper information before practising. Ask your teacher for the correct execution. The recommended times are provided only as a guide, always adjust the practice to your own times and limits. Never force, positions must be comfortable and stable! For any doubt leave a comment below!